Thursday, December 28, 2006

quick bucks, a typing trip,
temporary consciousness,
blue time, what is the name
of the mark, flee skin,
typing glitch, wild e-,
internet things, the original
read, bored of the new,
against the grain of the
paper, goofing around with
language, in eyes, cultural
pirates, forx, retain this
copy for your records, zen
beer, autocollage, usa eu,
antipane, philomelos, melo
dies, sid tales, knowledge
of the letter, caboodle no
kit, top it up and chop it
down, sing ha!, immortal
copy, surf logic, take a
jackhammer to the concrete,
all the white you can eat,
planetarity, otherness
machines, planetary
consciousness, expression
of the complex hybrid,
crack air, designated
reality, owe mail, decision
to cut, it's your move,
all due today, who is
de mille, colling die,
real leery, picked up by no,
calling for nothing,
the phrase repeater, never
added never passed, the
war is over, blast money,
still skinning, nothinge,

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