Tuesday, September 22, 2009


marginal memory, error eureka!,
know buttons, surprise knowledge,
easification, writing bee, not even
odder, incertain other, sure enuf
a bridge over the river of
forgetfulness, what would we
propose as an alternative?, less
eye more ear, our convictions,
expecting earthquakes, freedom
versus privacy, afford to keep
the box open, f-wrench, subcorp,
explode thru, near south,
shrinkwrap this!, the exact
numb skull, already chinese,
why not just draw a map?, save
one of the bricks, when its a
one cent, soiled not dirty,
come oh soul, sprinkle star,
audiovisualpo, too eff’n’ eff-
icient, heart seize?, fess up
event, fold out of sight, print
on, library burning, nineteen
ninety-what?, something
happening now, libidinal
block/ages, stamp imp pede,
eye ain’t what eye ain’t,
verging on urge, holding off
& on, exactly advocating?,
cybersignature, orange
on orange, excesspool, ayoh,

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