Saturday, September 19, 2009

"poetry assembly line"

left margin concrete, pearl jack,
french eyes, clean hands before,
two eyes read, keeping things toge
ther, without snow, uppity we,
poetry assembly line, pure words,
you would have to be blind to
see, original nonsense, rev
lover, eye read it but it never
made much of an imp, that is
to say, & zed, the window is
very fragile, as something to
read, combustible material,
conflicting messages, is this
or is this not real time?, sub-
time, a bout that video, sequence
& you shall find, canada in
reverse, the roomer millions,
with the dogs!, tilt lit, griminal,
over trance of thot, one & the
same, it’s systemic, battling
bottoms, pome arcs, increase
the volume, run it thru (the
machine, keep the mem brain
intacta, s nort, wear the
t-shirt, this is nearly here,
superversive, male hers,
selfother, smoke damaged
literature, still desire,
produce & re-produce, kids see,

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