Monday, September 28, 2009

"your eye here first"

figure off the ground, hand cancel,
do you also have a non-cyber existence?,
ink lab, the computer doesn’t cut it,
out of the ark hive (two bees, none is
the wiser, sail again?, tirading
inside, what year is this?, border
appropriation, now that you’ve
seen one, okay i’ll tell ya what,
wastings, non-existent press,
syne waves goodbye, sorry no
broken windows today, paragraffiti,
your eye here first, the concrete
variety of existance, vapid
trance it, my trip in line with
others, before they get too
deteriorated, giant fall,
refer to the following, wenting
your way, seabedder, a stir
tricks thee, would you call this
poetry?, gun hug, thinking
clear, day night, saturnight,
magnetic target, nib bin, that
was just the moon fooling us,
falue, sub limb, writing on the
window pane, an evasion not
an invasion, cipher’s on my
longue, a way back, mechanically
reproduced signature, unslick,
actual presence, relay rely,

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