Friday, September 25, 2009

gouging away at the paper

a little too easy, that’s it?, say ving,
material promotion, a hundred items
, cut out and save, write with tongue,
it is not material, they even spelled
your name right, book trance for
option, use this space, illogical
consequences, different waste of
going about things, a heart sees?,
saeors, everybody wants a pairodox,
a fence for which, she’ll & shall he
an ocean, separation of self &
other, the paprika portion,
dancig, ispo, lay die, even the
giants, you call that a map?,
edge crumpled, when is a penny
not a penny?, backish, more than
we needed to know, you have been
discharged, this piece of paper
has an eye ess be ‘n number,
no shrink wrap, a lovely way of
putting the ugliness, already
being, mail eye fee mail body,
that was the previous, show
us the difference, what happened
in between?, still ex©iting,
stayin’ on it, heart’s disruption,
the w)hole text, soundz in tents,
i am am i?, see the said?,
accrue cuts, orange afterimages,
have this again, eye have bin
meaning, the dividing line,
one persons garbage, junk
literature, almost too hasty,

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