Sunday, September 27, 2009

"write with tongue"

figure out the ground, figure of the
ground, enter the undertow,
electronic e-yes, already in motion,
imp present, out of the machine,
still trickle, sell you less cellulose,
& the cell you lose, the saft, got us
wrong from the start, we both love
women, just print the whole web
sight, red eye form, just slip it
in to somebody else’s inbox, this
town, e-fare, vizable, free paper,
need the mechanism, cut the best
part out, a bright eye, in the
avant-garde tradition, indi\
/idual effort, now is the time
gone, why not the bp nichol
ahhhhhhhhhh?, together &
apart, no longer hear, why do
you think they call it a
photo copier?, one pay jointly,
redouble not readable, a
copy connection, a side-channel
one that bypasses, get back
above the medicine line,
some sort of velocity happen,
what we have out, no time to
get into, power take off, all
this old letterhead into art,
a record of another place &
time, not involving too much film,
hey that’s supposed to be me,

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