Sunday, August 17, 2008

aspects of hockey, after the
north, serious writing in a
funny font, why wait for time
to pass, the swoops of the ink
nozzle, a painting of a photo,
homerow, his eyes changed to
sad pennies, the dvorak layout,
racing typists, temporary
enlightenment, cracking
hockeybased explosions,
classical hiphop and early,
average poet income, designated
by being unmarked, clip-on
hair extensions, something you
wrote five years ago, the
page is always already full,
an edition of zero, keep going
with the insanity, bind along
the mainline, a perfectly good
book, emphasize nothing, gold
text, text it, subvampire, binary
clouds, electronic cubes,
single hands, i am no expert,
more lumber, give black,
machine tongue, ex-this,
keep them both, find the
reality indicator, commune
for nothing, the right to
participate in being
exploited, this sheet,
mitumba, nadsat, mooks,

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