Tuesday, August 26, 2008

explanada, a copy of nothing, blank
quarter, what is your take on this text,
as a potential page, how many of these
little words do you need, do not attempt
to contact the author, beed beer, you
can’t publish that, if you can’t pay it
publish it, a whiter blank, the king’s noise,
actually pay the thing, filter out later,
little bar, awestruck eating, get behind
the juggernaut, every birken, recognized
electro-tripper, takes soon, your dropping
of, women mail, a hundred dollars
worth of gas, ununderline, this key,
withdraw your last twenty, how to turn
a penny into two pennies, not intending
to fly anywhere, all links are related,
nickle copy, do you want a receipt,
woodstock electrite, kurgans, ushanka,
heaviosity, egocasting, hoglint, clustered
upward, crack researchers, epistaltic
poetry, put the dekes out, the rising

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