Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nothing gets capitalized in my world.

textual hockey, turn of the
century schoolbook, illedgible
fonts, eye hate language, road
art, battlemech, beef persistent
hash, call it hump, henressy
crump expolled, rotary mossed,
hat in the ring, bowler hat maybe,
spend it all on milk, zero sero,
the nothing at the centre center,
what does faq mean, menasha,
dream up a use for this, pogonip,
rustre, h - exceptional consonant,
pignoration, ensign the hidden
cachet, pill crow, a secret noise,
living on paper, eel pro, why
wouldn’t all be well, still
smilin’, fading credit, what
ought to be on postage stamps,
boucher, link odd, could be ray,
letters floating in water,
give a leg, the nearest cat,
kunstrausch, the country of
noland, jack of all suits,
tennis snake, selvis, busy being
artist, the new shakespeare,
holding your own head, did not
have a self, fluctuation of
flesh, whittier, young enough
to grow a beard, devilfishcake,
selray, the world’s biggest
pinto bean, an autobiography
in postage, red fish blue fish,
be onion, you have to build it,
drowning in text, tongue it,

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