Sunday, August 03, 2008

binary world, an elevation of
silence, motor neurone, haka,
serialism, extended copy
protection, eating only moss
and gold, sabrage, the
generation of empty thought,
undust, trance blues, eidolon,
clamour ray, post hole, drool
bowl, at twice the price, raw
copy, as far as the toner goes,
nain, the copies vary, the toner
variations, okay elegant, five
is a million, choose nothing,
ex-art, temporary copy, the
actual thing, no need to
satisfy, blue blit, nochoice,
white wrong, raining turkeys,
facing the signs, this is
twenty oh six, usufruct,
cataphile, cheated by happy
endings, the daily dreadlines,
armchair urban explorers,
anarchist commune, illegal
society, countercultural
hordes to emigrate, a hardhat
and a clown nose, hands and
hats and clouds,

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