Saturday, August 16, 2008

This is thot bubble number,
It looks longer than it is, her
Grace the duke, pornography
Is in the eye of the beholder,
Slump busters, road beef,
Forced to cluster, concrete
Jail, author activity, orange
Newspaper, songthaew, gratis
Hat aphasic, Buddhist
Photocopy, dump-surfers, raki,
Concrete truth, dunk lamp,
Junuary, nympholepsy, the
Huge chesthouse of his elders,
Reason codes, abulia, the
Continued free exchange of
Works of art, appropriation
Art, comprehensive exhibition
History, facture, how do you
Know when the chaos is ripe,
Hypercynicism, pf, saint opper,
Nothing normal, a silent sort
Of music, crazy font though,
Analphabeten, cut your way
In to the text, daymark, none
The wisdom, xzends, this ends,
Deep crunt, it doesn’t matter
If you like the text, acid
Arrow, this is definite,
Plenty of blank yet, in and
Of, montely, mind door,
Smudgepot, still stopping,
Girl with gun, throw key,

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