Monday, August 04, 2008

subgold, a little chickenscratch,
everything is in a trance state,
akmak, minor brain, from node
to node, the iron is melting,
no halo, city of of city, actual
controls, individual standing in
for institution, take a picture
of your work, take a picture of
the text, fire melts ice, aint
say alert, the mechanics of war,
how is anyone supposed to read
this, bright-line copyright,
patty cake, put your money where
your anus is, white bread makes
you gag, you have already been
played, price hike conspiracy,
cons piracy, might be out by a
day, christmas refund,
relative deprivation theory,
pygarg, tergiversation, kill
insomnia, miskito, bruant zizi
or cirlgors, urban camels,
the brain police, photo-based
mafia, playing dumb on
cronyism, the untenured
radicals, counter-culture
munchkin, hegemony
enjoyed by conceptualism,
painter as vampire,

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