Monday, September 22, 2008

nothing that can't be shoehorned

btrc, saint aples, how the body is
constructed, one quarter left to
spend, hat numb one sixteen, do
not use inhouse, tobisgrissla,
portion obscured, total loose
book prevention, nothing that
can't be shoehorned, simulated
mail, deck-jam, this images nada,
this hole in the paper, you yog,
the process of shoehorning, we
have not yet made our mark,
what do you want with this,
whoa thot this was real for
a second, now we are going to
write about this, beer and
skitte, oh yeat, you will never
come within a million miles,
divy, untommorow, your online
versus your offline life, rusty
bottle top, take this one and
run with it, massive chaotic
art object, frieden, if not now
when, shunpike, camera toss pool,
clusterlinked, chapboucqs,
billina's eggs, trance humant,
penny farthing, frij, she
likes hats, schweigen,
frenemy, a rare bottle cap,
a non-rare bottle cap, recluse
sulker, nothing is going to
go astray, online or onpaper,
in french or in english, a
day or two of fading, optnow,

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