Tuesday, September 23, 2008

you can allow yourself nothing

jota, art is a luxury we can ill
afford, a disappointing lion,
college of higher education,
passion pills, superconsciousness,
orange streamer, coxa, liquid
flowers, concrete signified, a
gesture toward the emptiness,
edge hill college, dot udu,
fuck space, undisclosed press,
war as a form of communication,
always rewrite, it is not attatched
but it is still a part, chan or
cran, assorted billions, glissy
to the touch, insinuate yourself,
eye write blank, you need a
flowchart to follow the path
of the text, why is it not black
black, invisible errors, entrepĂ´t,
koine dialektos, anglo-islamic,
a mon ur-language, recension,
sangha, tapasaya, not tried to
earn a single penny, consumed
five hundred sheets of paper,
you can allow yourself nothing,
who are we sending to today,

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