Wednesday, September 24, 2008

superbeck, shitstain, jourk, a ragbog
of irradiation, more info on
cluster bombs, off-line e-mail,
low-browed vitrine, conscious
encouragement from the high,
serré, the persona is nothing,
entropic-antientropic, postbag,
ephemeralization, a trilby hat,
the cat is leaking out of the
bag, lamp donations, ah hoosh a
ha, adamawa, cryptic rubber-
stamp impression, original trance
action, the total absence of
surveillance, carillon, black
sites, extraordinary-rendition
program, make a typo in the last
line, a fleck of shit on the bar
of soap, spell tamigotchi, memo:
necrophilia, put hockey aside,
there’s no point typing it up again,
we use the typewriter because we
don’t have access to the computer,
john who, earth atomizer let’s go,
for those who love toner, checking
the marks, you have to transfer
the information from the one
to teh other,

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