Wednesday, September 24, 2008


art wherever you like, invisible
attack, coming back to haunt you
twenty years later, once you had
the real thing but now, oh well
you can still sell the copy, better
change the date, psychonomics,
who’s your favourite enemy?,
that’s how i’m reading it, concrete
or stuffed chairs, bektashi,
looking at the place where the
words will arrive, poetrymonger,
it’s nothing without the machine,
a mere empty pocket, like this
only brighter, popular version
of actuality, gnana, chaozhou
hua, sinicized, negarakrtagama,
short for esquimo, norwegian
forest cat, bruisance, under
his hat: “the”, noise intoners,
jabberwockurry, typing up
calligraphy, all that typing
for what, spell tamagotchi,
temporary holding cell for the
text, time to drop the gloves,
why would you want to
deteriorate it, depending on
what’s on the recto, big black
van, we are not our enemy,

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