Wednesday, September 24, 2008

beepliophile, consider the blank,
it’s blank but, what kind of a font
is this, less than blank, you like
having your name on garbage, the
easy way to knowledge, ducere,
tetrahedral kites, unio mystica,
chubby bunny, voluptuum, gatto
caldo, equally horrified at the
cold, the nerd caste, hébertism,
he gave me a present of dung!,
atc ivity, nabokov script, postal
hockey, thatabout, sing a thong,
why do we have two of these?,
why do we have fifty?, a jaw
above work, the folding area, do
bazil, begin extreme, the float,
a post-piece, okay now they are
ready to be copied, as a vizpo
peace, if fits in, forward copy,
resume filing, the fun of
smashing things, the anonymous
artist, maybe it was the light,
leave it hole, what’s with the
chunk, dimp, can you feel the
room breathing, make ruddy,
do st, playing bazil, extreme
banking, begin smarati, float
hoge, the penny is dead, a
wedge, postal crackheads,
the dayglo is hard on the eyes,
indicate by folding, worse side
outside, there’s more to it than
meets the eye, a pub’s a bup,

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