Monday, September 22, 2008

arial black

post-photography, beer belge, ripping
up the pyramids, cough exhaust,
it has our name on it, uista, futsal,
concerted effort to hijack, what
are you hoping to get for your
money, get moving, don’t think
we’ll be spending, pine bedding,
hoping to get nothing, happy
annvers, dents your cluster
dtroubled, esee hc, conflux, flood
trance, module missing, uniform
resource location, a stroke of
synesthesia, dildo launcher,
ceived a higher education,
middle the third footman,
moddle the third footman,
neo-middlebrow, fainnes,
supermannered, loment, clustered
at the sink, from concrete to
grasshopper, save your pixels,
more than a page long, snip,
traditional paper correspondence,
fooling around with rubberstamps,
ritz crackheads,

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