Monday, September 22, 2008

an expert on photocopies (or, nothing too distinct)

a piece of shredded paper, you don’t
need x-ray vision, are you a lumper
or a splitter, undersell them, the
heart of current events, nilgai,
a clustering of types, the
company’s entire history, seven
hundred dollar’s worth of books,
expand the background, designed
to be blank, repropaganda, think
of it as abstract art, shee shee
shee, weekend news, nothing too
distinct, ready to shock an eye,
extraordinary powers of
discrimination, an expert on
photocopies, ge-mc, alter nada,
looking thru beyond the paper,
timemaster, sacred trance
spooling, eye eye and eye, not
counting the original, postal
xxx, nothing nobody, fold
bufetti, alter tree, two
prolongation, this reality,
penny nails, dish cities, the
radical loser, welfarism,
valetudo, that was weird,
the toner edge, blank is black,
toner stripe, toner wedge,

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