Sunday, August 10, 2014

"raster bar"

raster bar, eroplay, monopolka,
holy rollercoaster, booty pop,
cherotic, hailmary handshake,
cfmf, public policy, you thot
she, commun, hgb, the inside
scoop, tclg cluster, catherine
maclellan’s dad, poscharskyana,
a cluster of ova, tulse luper
suitcases, people pitched pennies,
look at the size of that rock,
lino guo, tennislehrer, rio
claro, disable interrupts,
fluxface, love is a biscuit,
ruedi wiptli, a ilha isolado,
sao joao, printed on the gum,
blank tan, beef stuck, book
calibre, personwheel, second
life explosion,

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