Tuesday, August 05, 2014


the wheel is obsolete, visual
experimental concrete, the wisdom
of the desert, cosmosis, macrofiche,
discipline miss, the paper got
drenched, ray cluster, the function
of the artist is to express reality
as felt, krystal seal, magicolor
twenty-five-fifty, hannah
hoch fan club, look at the
size of that rock, the penny
is dead weight, julia de
burgos, book value, trades
still to be settled, in-kind
dividends, one-sixty-one bay
street, belle nops, deesh-picking,
pelf, sheets of time, chronique
floue, dame aux camélias,
métissage, low context versus
high context languages, tong
wa, electromagnetic fields,
watch publish, alphabetical
fonts, messiah beer, micro-o,

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