Wednesday, August 06, 2014

"podiceps cristatus"

personhood creativity and freedom,
wash your dirty money with my
art, ebonics, podiceps cristatus,
green sun, htow cluster, sambal
oelek, huge chrome tank,
boardwalk bowl, elvas, font
looks good enuf to eat, at me
dot com, sechiisland, the bent one
is free, kitt peak, fish on sofa,
smelts, the beaver, love is a
biscuit, leffie, heap of
particles, cabezone, six-forty-
five, five four nine eight zero,
assateague, the secret service
was in town, no smudge, by
mail with remittance, analog
tv is shutting down, mix paper,
turkey doolan, antique man,
insane days, des moines cluster,
tethys, pingwheel,

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