Wednesday, August 27, 2014


kensho, discontinuation syndrome,
flash rob, myodesopsia,
saskatchewan rye, cocgb
cluster, iou mail, dododada,
new paradigmism, capite
operto esse, one grain of sand
lost, disintossicante, crazier
than thou, ono hole, se li
arbori sap├Ęssen favellare,
vecdor, mixing mailart and
money since, psychick death,
love and death, the parry of,
moronika for morons, true
mar, twain and reagan, lestat,
neylon, allen hynek ufo,
collect all these smudges,
photos of you radar, budget
for murphy’s law, sundance
vehoe, history they enable
citizens, unmapping,
contact zone, ghosting, it’s
all one thing despite the
gap, the gap mean’s it’s two
things, chasing hundreds
of gulls, cluster root, a
penny on the walk, teleguides,
scolex, hexacanth, trenchwork,

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