Tuesday, August 19, 2014


streaming single instruction
multiple data extensions two,
cryptographic hash function,
cottony cushion scale, spacious
press, mock bark, stigmeology,
corrs everybody hurts, gurdwara,
conceptual publishing, vendula,
silver washed fritillary,
dimercaprol, panti christ, red
thread paper, please let it be
blank, coocbg cluster, a
complete set of fcz’s, and now
the delivery, data furnaces,
cahun, the bad habit of being,
a humbling example for the
communist, weibos, chimichurri,
tuckamores, the hippie era the
commune, empathy circuit,
ventral striatum, exalted
human characteristic,
embodied cognition, the
white of the eye, circle the
stain, feel free to fill,
replicant elephant, van guff,
as far as the mark goes,
heeenya, evolution end point,
devolution endpoint, tetsfail,

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