Wednesday, August 13, 2014


polk salad, steam-assisted gravity
drainage, legowelt, ten en,
completed slip, eighteen cluster,
is that a henry moore, string
of octothorps, squeeze in poetry,
ylocce cluster, terrapin,
bananafish, that’s a hell of a
foot, the cyberlogical eye,
zeichenbuch, vox blissett,
smelts even better, new rubber
stamp business, foxford, neo
electro, toss it in the goodie
bag, jakubowski associates,
texas blackmetal, today art
is this comunnicated, don’t
give me that gogh, lilly
woodworth, artistshouse, kill
whity, stasera, l’arte รจ una
donna nuda, known only to
the artist, ciaburro,
nicholas johnson, jaja binx,
johson, mystic conn, hup hup,
carlos gardel, alloerotic,
flopping backwards on the
springy moss, oni, tatami,
yamanba, mukashi,
nonracialist, megantic,
wall o’ text, are we not,

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