Monday, August 04, 2014


pinging, asemic thinking, south
of no north, derstuka, red x,
mindhunter, mymru, think loco
act loco, bottle price, barth ambrose,
attilem, mcgtb cluster, the
creation of new value, saturnie
cécropia, cluster in the sky,
torpedo mail art, minaccia
bangkok, the meaning is meditate,
youngs mountain, is that a
boom, the golden mistress, a
series of black smudges,
when you finish the book buy
the next one, primary anti-
americanism, el follón,
chronobiology, zonko aka baka
washi aka billy little,
intersemiotic translation,
hélène cixous’ écriture,
external conditions in
holquist’s, the developer system,
chiorgasmic, blue-ringed
octopus, toile du jouy, squick,
aestheticon, high end club,
just for a penny, dating the
text, tincture structure,
des moines mud, micro-wheel,

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