Sunday, September 14, 2014


quantum entanglement,
terraplane, info is as info does,
bolludagur, tarotplane,
vaporetto thirteen, zerod,
bluish-black cluster, byccgc,
la cave des vignerons,
gueberschwihr, a bit much,
never kept a penny of their
pay, thetford mines, doppio
macchiato, the volatility
index, bindle, time-shifting,
the law of disorder, peasant
savant, chipset, wampum belts,
over-entitlement, the riot
index, soy futilitario, nil
magnum nisi bonum, corkstuff,
you won’t remember that for
long, gar seventy-five,
pintos, house of the face,
bridge number one, the tape
made the ink bleed, not
sure if you folded it right,

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