Thursday, September 25, 2014


hierodule, devadasi, repurpose
the nasty, minneola, ocgb
cluster, pure chasing, mcnally,
typographical union, the
college of complexes, terbium,
neodymium, lanthanum,
dysprosium, cultural
guerilla warfare,
landscapades, a long concrete
ramp, mostaccioli, the
imagination knows, poem
comma, keep your name off
the web, concrete high, pat
zot, ceramic dance, fruit
sticker collage, dust collage,
mail art tax, aboma, minibus
estorbo arte, lanzamiento,
do you like broken, return
again, fight for money,
june six fifteen fifteen,
i'm going to give you
another chants, do something
different, how to eat a
bunny, luxme, colour is a
snore, pessoais, start here,
poppycop, twenty cent phone
bill, turn over for deets,


*special thanks to Carmel Purkis for transcribing this one...!

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