Tuesday, September 30, 2014


a cascade of failures, smart
grid, phylogenetic clustering,
clades, concurrent malfunction,
browncoats, regolith, flow-thru
shares, transmetamorphosis,
moorsoldaten, kilim, paillettes,
flesh-mobs, niki hoeky, swiftlet
nests, examine the text,
gruttoland, look with all
your eyes, a third of eleven,
downslide lubricant, wincest,
hypnosis porn, delicate freedom,
blue ink says, inherit magic,
katun stamps, test something,
calgary international, a
verified pin, such total, odeon,
shizer, please leave signed
copy, yougurt, épaisseurs,
bagels on broad, tripetition,
embarquadero, sidney town
pantry, the roost, save yourself
the trouble of art, one loves
to sign, you have to order
an ink refill, one is tempted
to make an impression, ok
cluster, what is beneficial
about the cecropia moth,
handifax, generous act,

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