Tuesday, September 09, 2014


hypnophobia, orange goo, defcon,
the varityper mafia, use the
sky, cb cluster, blow a wad,
dollars tate dollars, harvestman,
holy target, lew merrill, meat
for steamy love scenes, moresco,
mobo, it started with a dude
in a purple hat, cracks in the
concrete, yuke, xenobiotics,
immense collection of books,
proproductive, informational
waste, an unrestricted
general economy, chichen itza,
primal geography, zapapa,
language thirteen, carnival
harbourfront, mimeo carnival,
tuli, the dark night of the
soul in the poetry mines,
mental radio, mandana,
hey it’s a t-shirt, it adds
up to a t-shirt, you have
been listed, i can’t see
nothing, victoria island,
the underground is over,
odd habits in steel enclosures,
truly demented, calling
the vegetable collected,

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