Sunday, September 21, 2014


patent troll, comte cheese,
cyoabn cluster, singer needles,
the second plane, enigma
explainer, transparent body
bag, ttof, the fly in the blue
ointment, saigon hot sauce,
ati inc, nine-eleven jumpers,
antieke fietsen, kidrobot,
belgien, megamorphosis,
muttermorphosis, aboma,
the open pussy, shock cuts,
collisionism, interrelated
in clusters, life-giving
discontinuities, crits, a
multi-latent simpleton,
ribbed concrete verticals,
waxy as an orange, sugar-
bean, sunstain, mossed
inscription, chocolate and
clear, dhanya, mungeing,
dhunya, luminescent
peat, conniption poem,
dallas balaka, plotke,
letter plot, kwok,

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