Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"engelsova ulica"

expect happy customers, ipud,
storm surfers, mesabi, ploke,
flatbook, watch the numbers,
ptlcsoibes, current month’s
minimum, bath paper, tlmw
cluster, airport cluster,
quadrant cluster, minneola
tangelo, omtc cluster, babgs
cluster, globe cinema lamp,
tumwater, heebee jeebee land,
look at yourself, free of
life, fuelling change, adulte,
ccbbcbcatlemcb cluster,
bball bacon, concrete
emancipations, postcrab,
orthodachsun, broken concrete
cylinder, elantra, orange
linoleum, orange casserole,
an orange jag, alloway,
tieto-enator, spent humor
cartridge, timesicle, caring
gal, the grease leaks thru
the bag, getting things
done, streng, that’s the way
the paper rips, moss crazy,
patenty, spruce gum,
lamarcaeditora, extra
butter pictures, engelsova
ulica, baby ruth,

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