Saturday, September 27, 2014


solidus, muscadine, air hug,
each grain of sand must do
its part, the penetrant, meetup,
chips cluster, men are in trouble,
l’art è una donna nuda,
teatru, dott anger nast,
granulated eyelids, recumbency,
everything hanging from the
ceiling, nilgai, maktab,
operaismo cells, autonomen,
anarcho-autonomists, cosmic
ink, rust grind, orange dream,
hoping for nothing, hedonia
post, art budget, visaperks,
runforth, inscape cabinet,
the statue against liberty,
return to the dollhouse,
own alternate reality,
living in the plus fifteen,
ride the dollar, point-of-
presence, refashioned
black garbage bags, short
cuts and other practices,
scout books,

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