Saturday, April 12, 2008

detourney, don’t neglect to
print, write unpredictable, the
goahead, numerological trance,
infra dig, dreaming up a price,
history current events, central
to human existence, scarith,
oktotlc, art is anal, produce
texts, bat hub, escalator going
up!, prood, you may have already
read this, brought to you by,
new and improved copy, any
obligation, silly business, eye
don’t feel like a copy, porn
eraser, the postage will kill
you, flood of machines, reading
insanity, what colour were they,
escalating eyes, still fabric,
the use value of the copy,
nothing is free, the birth of
a publication, inhouse press,
various methods of text
production, upload postage,
still paper number, flood of
pubs, old machine works,
reading the carpet, the insane
eye, eye tone, still fabricate,
trying to hang on to nothing,
blank egghead gaze, each copy
individual, ten by ten equals
fifty, do everything except
what you’re supposed to,
evidence of prudery, reading
the toner, origicopy, allall,

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