Sunday, April 06, 2008

what is it possible to do with
texts, the same paper in various
machines, run escape, are you
still there, eject the text,
abstract mailart, zerox pass-em-
on'zz, the power to move paper,
paint test, nothing is for sale,
work of art or detritus, every
loop of every letter, bang up a
pile, no rush money, cancel
and gret, fifty years old
rock and roll star, hello ticket,
trims work, can you see the
lights, gaze into the scene,
orangenfruchtfullung, juicy
cake, hats and scarves, never
grow up, sympatehectic, kut
corners, just say zaum, realitize
it, credit card art, gatt tooth,
the title only, fishooking,
frage, sanguinary chaos,
a pennyworth or two a day of
bread, avant-garde mailart,
kill the imp, nordoc, robrer
glafex, what's wrong with
having blank for friends,
let ter, hope to pay with,
keens to learn,

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