Sunday, April 06, 2008

computer voids, unmarked
photocopy, a new same, wet
rust, dilemna, snail language,
voxov, let's call it a hundred,
no punch lines, chaotic flow,
gas lamp cluster, original
hangs, extra-large treat, all
the artists on the same page,
collision of networks, ray
on ray, reverse the toner, the
game is still, care for some
text, thirteen cents tax, as is
book, how the book would read,
a chunkable chunk, copied
free to do what, app rox, must
blank, tighten up the tessera,
here's some more text, temporary
envelope, designated in flux,
remember the original, long
distance flux, burnished
toner, make more copies, big on
mouths, now these are retro,
what did we blot, faded into
obscurity, fpb, timbermania,
messin' hat, ghost moss,
future advent, get chalk,
unbroken toner, one two, shone
heat, there is nothing wrong
with the text, nemo xbox,
inner weather, little islands
of red ants, cluster frappe,
feeder bands, parsecs in
the wake, oboe lsd heater,

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