Sunday, April 13, 2008

reading the news, get this text
back into circulation, narrow
house press, the concrete camp,
direct reference, the dominos
and the sparrow, mother goose
step, electronystagmography,
saccopharynx lavenbergii,
five copies press, care to explain,
one less cut, is your eye here,
what computer, where the cut
will come, at nobody, all hat,
do the ninety-six, not visible in
the copy, materiality art, no
not add or pass, little pub,
other potential uses, do not
press here, all now, at fil,
nobody noreason, ye speciale,
computer frankensteinization,
what learn, is concrete, hat
copy, hearing text, green
neoaristotelianism, pangen,
the gemmules of pangenesis,
the moribundus, murderabilia,
umma non gumma, taking it
to the street, garbage can
art, start a radio station,
excluded into higher realms,
historical ballast, backflip
from the balcony, a chunk
worth chunking, what if we,
in one of these heaps there
is a speck of gold, yuck,
hit-to-pass, wet carpet,

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