Friday, April 11, 2008

ARC responds to

this one: here

Re: "nothing is for sale" or "what's wrong with having blank for friends?"

NO TINGLING FORCE; or, You've Got the Wrong Blanket, Friend

what's this pissing torpor worth
exact, themes pop enter voracious
nacelles, ruinscape, roux,
list theatre, jet inexorable,
instruct male part, zero spam im-
plausible, the mower time of reaping,
saint stress, no tingling force,
work hard or be trite to us, revery
lube for revery sweater, slang upon
lips, no shush honey, carousel
regret, fussy year sold
block and pollster, mellow wicket,
mister cork, canny ouster seething
title, haze in tureens,
opal frosting such farflung, quickly
spoke, stash sand curves, reverend
groundup, symphony eclectic, tuck
mourners, juju stay amazed, materialized
tic, read it record it, get soothed,
threat lonely, fishnet stocking,
grief, sans granary chores,
append worthy or take a day off
dread, an ant garden trail,
lick thumb, or don't, robot
gag reflex, you've got
the wrong blanket friend,
tell her, phobia of bay width,
knees too unreal,


P.S. A yellow in your box

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