Friday, April 25, 2008

the new blank day, bp see imaging,
skin cancer lessons, paraphilias,
parasomnias, illegitimate
danglers, theoretical
uncreativity, message has no
subject, dwarves in their silly
hats, and outlying, get a
rubberstamp made up, net fave,
fuch, are you blogging, still
plenty of cuts left, clown skull,
a letter that says nothing,
meditate on this, make up for
lack of talent, blank red,
give mary yea, where do you
find them, this is all in your
head, the regular signs,
saint ein lager, thinking rock,
the holy grail of beers,
hemikrania, spirit-gummed,
crepe moss, a black pylon hat,
a candy heart and everyone,

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