Tuesday, October 02, 2012

"doozoon" & "microbits"

orval, vertegenwoordiger, permanent
ephemera, you can’t feel the paper,
patina of what, ijzer, and continue
to pass on, houblon, stomen, nada
united, random exchange of
culture, hold it up to the horizon,
the thing we forgot, the face that
is facing you, mental compartments,
dental fire, articipate, can’t get
to there from here anymore, where’s
the nearest, the price of the crunch,
while you are here, art dollars,
widthaw, ebb eh, all your favour,
doozoon, the story of the penny,
the last thing we mailed, bub,

metabox number one, trash art,
it says books but, junk on top,
well not exactly five million
but, not the stuff in the box,
couple year old, last year,
just the hat, this goes back to,
varieties of artistic experience,
heavy junk lightbulbs, in and
on the gone desk, seeding the
past, heavy writing, back a day
or two, pregnant with success,
a mixture of shite and shine-ola,
microbits, no toys aloud, get out,

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