Saturday, October 20, 2012


let’s see what the fuck we are
saying here, rut roh, yellow bell,
cryo life, copybot features,
jiggly bewbs, bookra fil mish mish,
jorts, caipirinhas, mmo, mining my
own business, genuinely grubby,
inkseal, prostitos, we had to jump
to the left, little rip indicates,
pink repetition, the repetition of
the hand, ank!, run through
machines, zama open, what makes
you think, caracalla, polytropoi,
hebetation, nika hyas tikegh
mamook, black strap molasses,
if you have the long lines,
here we refuse to go again,
test pattern, i wanna see,
we are running out of
boredom, bring back the
third session, one man gathers
what another man spills,

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