Sunday, October 14, 2012


alter eagle, alt lit, alphabetical
disorder, geomatic attic, cluster
of culture monks, shrouded in
orange dust, ambien sex, fnord,
language is contagious, hunch-
meat, hello is this the mgr,
nanette, the moment nothing
becomes art, i’d like to see one
of these get grubby, become
hard, zhong nan hai, mumblecore,
camera-ripper, enigmax, le whif,
black irish, magnetron, calcium
lamp, a yuengling bottlecap,
galaxy zoo, lyric essay, radarange,
american reality, imagine this
text in monotype corsiva,
inspired to do things with
text, try not to scratch the
paper, nth degree copy or
n plus one, run time backwards,
running with the b flag,
no this is not a smile, write
til it aches, i can’t even tell
anymore which one is you,
i like the purity of it,
infinite earths, tor macau li,
an original fruit-sticker,
not exactly problematic
problematic but, waiting
for anarchy, most sayable,

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