Thursday, October 18, 2012


why go thru the computer, the
explanation is much more interesting
than the art, paper hacker, bind
with binder twine, this seems to
be a review, let’s deboss, cryst,
stained to boot, add and pass
luggage, if you are going to
bother to make a linocut, busy
leaving, short message servant,
banging up booklets, primary
information, this crappy little
photocopy booklet is a ten dollar
item, hammer and swastika and
sickle, las golondrinas,
chironomids, perks on all,
agoraphilia, the videotape is
blocking the writing, your
source texts are better than
your, one makes the mistake
of taking an interest, i know
who you are, the person who
broke the seal, routle,
from the very fine to the,
i like to eat the good cheese,
fluke, the ink never stuck to
the paper, toner on plastic,
coaxtal, one builds a sand
castle, disambiguation of
poets, the text comes with a
little fortification,
didn’t get the full,

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