Wednesday, October 03, 2012

"zapikanka" & "koqlak"

plue, clean stamps, leave your name
behind, vdb, why copy, fort garry
manitoba, nothing is on sale,
set yourself a new goal, right
out at the very edge, switching
fee, burning thru a lot of, momo,
isopoetics, forevering, trigeminal
neuralgia, intruder concrete
suspect, zapikanka, breakfast
trance, espejos con un hacha
construida, crural, moving out
from the centre, the perceptual
cornucopia of reality,
hiranyagarbha, limited
attachment, nirmoha,

a rare postage stamp, fermentation
from the oak bog, mirror-typing,
responding out of time, koqlak,
croniamantal, frothcoming,
what will you be having for
dinner, mister press, john
sausage map, nothing needs
to be posted, bender-gestalt,
this is the way we do our
thing, are we packing or
unpacking, wackett, where you
put the barcode, the book is
gone but, sir-come-spy-see,
archies enemies, key story,

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