Wednesday, October 17, 2012


a machine that sucks and blows
at the same time, scratching out
the faces of the missing, axe
and packs, my advice is do nothing,
seven stories of beer, one decides
to unsay, aruri, quick runs out,
it’s just a piece of cardboard,
auditioner, necrologo, as long
as i’m not included i’m behind
it, tullamarine, what are the
top six languages in your neck
of the woods, horrorsleazetrash
all one word, tusk dildo, as
good as dead, no no we ain’t
too selective, poetry to read,
dragarancia, oh nine oh ten,
bringing everything you have
to bear on the page,
underground fulfillment,
fella by fishlight, left
a bag-o-sharks in the trunk,
the midpoint between duchamp
and ray johnson, compliment
the weather, recognition
failure, three-dee artistamp,
we have enuf to cover today’s
expenses, the only way to
not consume, mx, graphis
scriptae, mister peanut’s
hat, temecula, one is having
a corruption fit,

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