Monday, October 15, 2012

"raw spurtle"

chexting, haram, manchego,
mechanical turk, you swallow
the moss, aspava, ampsan, save
yourself a dollar, don’t you
ever get tired of that poem,
cornarism, horrendum pudendum,
habitual explanations
consequence, show pen hour,
intelligible freedom,
englishes, don’t be fooled by
the mark, the very moment this
phrase was written, penny
moss, d, pedalo, lengua
cab no cambiada,
tongueditch, concrete cash,
calibe, amera, something one
has been meaning to say,
don’t forget to check back
in on this blog, golden rain,
books we wasted our lives
reading, men really used
to say such things, raw
spurtle, the girl that said
wow, stick your nose into
the tuna, the entities we
have on our mind, dig out
some old newspapers, are
you choosing these books,
drag the paper thru the
street, how do you get
so far back in time,

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