Wednesday, October 01, 2014

"francisella tularensis"

reverse apotheosis, trdmc,
cladiini, waveformless, zero
energy experimental pile,
lagomorphs, francisella
tularensis, ky jam, cambazola,
one one one cluster, cblccb
cluster, dean goose, exchange
for cheaper health, poms,
olallieberries, you are the
penniless serf, edging, these
crowds of orange bodies, a
reputation economy,
correspondents at large,
sunset avenue, orange volvo,
golden ears bridge, fastbreak,
wildplay, joelle, airmiles,
or similar, at her lotto booth,
part of what you pay for,
which way are you facing,
nonref, energy recovery fee,
saanich, you overlooked
something, mailart: it’s free!,
lumpa spit, arbitrary gift,

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