Wednesday, June 03, 2015


poet at work, procellariiformes,
the sunshine skyway bridge,
vrec, buying dreck, jojo
popcorns, tabard, tronie,
gaebul, deposit for a change,
mini twists, ocp cluster,
hyalophora, immortality
centre, communal nut paper,
a time-pretzel, will hogg
greathouse, instant mail art
fame, trans redfoxpress,
sixty from three, two in,
pfyn, paper police, those
curators are going strange
ways, heinz prybit, kultur
kreis kassel, life is art
enough, hugh garner, knout,
capitalism with asian values,
passivizing, governing class,
the chaos of local opinions,
the omni-competent citizen,
the throne is empty, doxa
constituted versus constituent
violence, the crisis of
democracy, psychologization,
emily church, philipp van
artevelde, paper towel wad,
desnos, usps van, ruckus,

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