Sunday, June 14, 2015

"ebm darkwave"

the orange aspires to regain
face, giving face, prosopon,
rayification, make the orange
expressive, until you see the
whites of their eyes, ponge
the orange, junior kindergarten,
roe family singers, baileux,
abdij van scourmont, ten
dollars q, twists tax, xerxicise,
chimay blue cap, latex tax,
eleven cluster, rcqb cluster,
conception design, stonehinge,
oh-la-la post, is this math,
official joel cohen fan
club, wumpskate, ebm darkwave,
ihabcp, world’s most
fascinating artist, vaginal
moisture, triangle lazy
bunny, mail artist versus
mail artist, cordele
tifton lake park, oviedo,
the wizard of collage comes
to life, cradle to cradle,
masonic youth, yon-ka,
what is to be done, cotter
tenant, ankylosis, sun
spoiled, spermophile,

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