Saturday, June 13, 2015

"om shiva shankara hare hare ganga"

om shiva shankara hare hare
ganga, chocolate bona vita,
gubmint, mynah, rhea, what
would jiminy cricket do?,
xenu, thetans, just another
control-addict trip, woesten
vleteren, why would anyone
want to make jasmine tea,
smell it and see, you need
to align, pannepot grand
struise, wittgenstein on red
circles, every mountain and
hill shall be made low, 
moon-honey, wise blood, bions,
labrys, bloodmare, diablotin, 
sukra and rakta, rubedo,
kermberry, scorpion hopscotch,
phone your mother, bataan
font, stable matching mu,
aglime, deer in india,
international smear, the
indestructible life,

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